Minister of Industry Requires Industry to Produce Mining Vehicles That Suit Local Conditions

The Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, called on Indonesia’s automotive industry to produce mining trucks that are suitable for mining conditions in the country.

The Minister pointed out that industry players can start this by making assembly details that have specifications suitable for mining conditions in Indonesia.

“We encourage the domestic industry to immediately prepare trucks that are suitable for mining specifications. We urge them to at least make an assembly line first,” the Minister of Industry said after the P3DN Award Kick-Off 2024 event in Jakarta on Monday.

The reason the Ministry is encouraging the production of mining trucks that have qualified specifications is that the sector continues to grow every year.

He assessed that the demand for natural resources from mining is quite large, so the tools used must be suitable and domestically made.

By making the assembly in advance, the mining sector can also contribute quite highly to the value of the domestic component level.

“There is a domestic component value, as the needs reported are very large. As coal grows, other commodities in minerals also grow. At the same time, I agree that our industry must be ready,” he said.

Meanwhile, based on data from the Indonesian Heavy Equipment Association (Hinabi) in 2023, it was noted that heavy equipment production in Indonesia reached 8,066 units.

Meanwhile, the highest number of heavy equipment was produced in 2022, with 8,826 units. Therefore, on an annual basis (year on year), heavy equipment production decreased by 8.61 percent.

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) said that the mineral and coal subsector in 2023 contributed to non-tax state revenue of IDR 173 trillion or 58 percent of the total national non-tax state revenue.

Image source: ANTARA / Muzdaffar Fauzan