GlobalTrack For Your Business

Tracking Solutions for Transportation Companies

GlobalTrack For Your Business.

Many of our customers in the transportation industry use GlobalTrack to lower the fleet usage cost and minimize the risk of theft and hijacking. Customers report big savings on fuel consumption, recovered vehicles and merchandise.

GlobalTrack can monitor your fleet with powerful Real-time Tracking. Optimize vehicle deployment, usage and maintenance strategies and lower your company’s operating costs. Technologies like Trip, Idle, Eco Driving and Fuel Reports make the most of the fleet resources and optimizes the drivers’ behavior.

Increase customer satisfaction, save time and money. Improve vehicle and drivers security using configurable automatic alarms that can be displayed on screen and sent via SMS and/or email.

Tracking Solutions for Food Transportation Companies

GlobalTrack For Your Business.

Food transportation companies can benefit by improving their customer’s satisfaction and increasing productivity, while reducing costs, minimizing risks and increasing profits. The transportation of foods and ingredients that are shipped frozen, refrigerated or at ambient temperatures must be monitored at all times.

Foods and ingredients are susceptible to abuse or contamination during transportation and storage. The end customers are also expecting the delivery at a specific time. Regular customers for food companies often require historical information about shipment arrivals, the time to load and arrival to the destination.

GlobalTrack monitors all these events with powerful solutions. Know at all times the temperature of the merchandise or attempts of theft or tampering. Optimize merchandise delivery and vehicle deployment as well as managing the fleet maintenance schedule which will directly lower operating costs. Combine these solutions and increase customer satisfaction, and increase productivity.

Tracking and Dispatch Solutions for Utility Companies

GlobalTrack For Your Business.

Quickly Locate Where Service is Required

The service department in an utility company might have thousands of locations that they serve. When a problem is reported it can be a tedious job to find the location of the broken item. It’s also common that the service organization wants to combine multiple service assignments in order to optimize the distance traveled.

Dispatch Utility Jobs Faster

Customers will notice increased service levels that responds faster to their needs. Use these tools and easily dispatch jobs more effectively.

Extend Your Fleet Lifetime

It’s important to know when maintenance has to be performed for each vehicle to keep your fleet in optimal condition and vehicles always available.

Real-Time GPS Tracking for Car Rental Companies

GlobalTrack For Your Business.

Car rental companies use GpsGate Server to increase service level and decrease risk factors and fleet operation cost.

Embedded technologies such as Real Time Tracking, Vehicle Tagging and Automatic Alarms could significantly decrease risk factors like speeding or vehicle stealing. Also, keep track of the fleets good health by using the Vehicle Maintenance to keep your vehicles in optimal condition and available for your customers.

Low Cost Police Tracking Solution

GlobalTrack For Your Business.

GlobalTrack provide Police Departments real-time tracking and dispatching that is easy to deploy with reliable performance. Police Departments can have their own tracking solution secured in-house and meet budget constraints.

“We have over the last few years been awarded many contracts for Police customers in USA and other parts of the world. We are pleased that this is a growing market for us and that we can continue to develop light weight and low cost solutions that bring value to law enforcement customers.”

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