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GlobalTrack Explained

In simple terms, the GlobalTrack onboard system reads the GPS position data and then transmits the data to a tracking server and then on to the user’s monitoring computer.

The data from the vehicle to the tracking server can be transmitted over the mobile telephone network (GSM/3G/4G), WiFi network, or Satellite connection. From there the connection to the user’s computer is either sent over the user’s local network (LAN), or via the internet.

At a minimum, the onboard equipment consists of a computer (tracking device), GPS antenna, and GSM, 3G, 4G, WiFi or satellite antenna. In addition, many types of optional sensors can be added to give additional information.

GlobalTrack Server

The diagram beside shows a typical installation which in addition to the basic components also includes an optional ignition sensor, temperature sensor, panic (SOS) button, an immobilizer (engine cut-off).

The onboard computer has internal memory, so in the event that communication is lost with the server, the data is stored and nothing is lost.

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