Fleet Management
for Any Type of Fleet

GlobalTrack has been specifically designed and developed based on SNCTechnologies’ more than 15 years of on-the-job experience in the design, supply, implementation, support, and maintenance. Basic tracking to full fleet management options, monitor your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and more.
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Fleet Management Software

Scalable & Customizable

GlobalTrack is a tried and proven solution that is customizable to your individual requirements.

Real-Time Tracking

Intelligent mapping tools mean more than just a dot on the map. You always have real-time information for every vehicle in your fleet.

Fast Installation & Setup

Over 750 supported devices mean fast setup. Save time with GlobalTrack.

Easily Accessible

Our mobile apps and interfaces keep managers informed at all times. Field workers use our app to see their tasks, navigate to the next job, and submit job completion information.

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Dispatch & Job Management

Managing jobs and field workers is easy with the integrated dispatch feature. You can monitor individual worker’s progress and see statistics for the whole fleet. Automatic job order optimization saves driver hours and fuel. The app lets workers report real-time progress in the field.


All the standard reports you need (trip and Idle, time on site, eco-driving scorecard, etc.), and as many custom reports as you want. It’s easy to get the right information to the right person at the right time. You can create custom reports for each business role and have them run on your schedule.

GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking systems come in all types – from simple tracking with no screen or driver interface which just provides the location of the vehicle or equipment, to more advanced GPS tracking systems that can monitor all types of vehicles, sensors and driver behavior.

Customized for You

SNCTechnologies has a wide range of hardware and software solutions that we customize to each customers individual requirements and budget.

Proven Solution

GlobalTrack is a tried and proven solution that is customizable to your individual requirements.

Access it Anywhere

With GlobalTrack you can operate your own servers, or SNCTechnologies can host it for you and you can access it anywhere in the world via the internet.

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