SNC Technologies

GlobalTrack is an Advanced Tracking Solution by SNCTechnologies

SNCTechnologies is a division of PT SatNetCom. The Company focuses on delivering Information Technology solutions. One of the most advanced Indonesian technology companies and the largest provider of IT and Communications Systems serving the mining sector in Indonesia.

Specializing in Communications and IT, Fleet Management and GPS Tracking systems, SNCTechnologies works together with clients to Design, develop, implement, operate, and maintain a wide range of effective, efficient and economical communications and IT solutions.

Tracking Made Easy with GlobalTrack

Project Experience

SNC Technologies has installed and supported more fleet management systems in Indonesia than any other company. These systems have increased mining productivity by as much as 15%.

Customer Satisfaction

SNC Technologies Management believes and emphasizes to its staff, that the customer is more than just a “customer”. They are in fact our partners and that we should always look for more effective solutions and support for them, so that we can achieve a better future together.

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