Merdeka Proactive Installing Operator Fatigue Management In Mining Operations

Employees at many mining, oil & Gas and Transportation industries and in particular the large mining machine operators, have been working back to back 12 hour shifts for the past 6 months covid period. These very long periods working and operating continuously without long enough breaks, has brought on chronic fatigue cases in a larger number of the workforces across many operations.

The past 6 months has seen mining employees basically stuck on mining sites unable to return home for a well-earned break due to covid travel restrictions and the fact that mining operations have been protecting their operations by basically locking the gate.

Merdeka Copper Gold the holding company of Tujuh Bukit Gold which is a gold and silver mine located in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java Province has been proactive in protecting its work force and assets across its operations during these extreme times and has started commissioning a fleet wide SNC Technologies MineSafeDrive Operator Fatigue Monitoring and Management System. MineSafeDrive will ensure that operators that may be on the “edge” of a fatigued state or situation which is very difficult to determine and especially within very large and fast moving work forces, will be monitored in Real-Time during operations in case they move to the next critical fatigued state.

Mining production operators and contractors have foreseen this probable outcome and have proactively begun installing AI based operator fatigue management systems on their mining fleet to help manage and monitor the potential chronic fatigue symptoms a number of mobile machine operators may endure.

MineSafeDrive an AI Based Operator Fatigue Management and Monitoring System Solution by SNC Technologies the Systems and Solutions section of SatNetCom, is the answer to mitigating and monitoring machine operator fatigue in Real-Time. A small unobtrusive AI based infrared camera sits on the mining machine dashboard and continuously monitors the operator’s facial, eye and body functionality.

In a preventive pro-active process (before the operator falls asleep or has a potential accident), If at any time, the operator/driver drops or moves their head into a fatigue direction or state, or turns their head in the wrong direction for too long, or is our of the camera critical range, or starts to yawn too long, have minor micro sleeps, even lights up a cigarette or gets on their mobile phone the MineSafeDrive infrared camera AI functionality will automatically send of in-cab loud buzzer alarms and warning messages (You Are Fatigued, You Are Fatigued Please pull over) so as to alert and warn the operator.

The MineSafeDrive in-cab system will also set off an external alterative operator fatigue indicator color LED lamp blinking brightly so, that other operating machines within the vicinity can see they are fatigued and to remain cautious.

MineSafeDrive will also send Real-Time alerts/alarms over the mine site communications system or the GSM/3G/4G network if in a remote location back to the mine site dispatch management monitoring system, HSE safety management monitoring system and will send automatic Real-Time Emails, SMS’s and Whatsapp group warning notifications to supervisors and managers noting the type and level of the operator fatigue warning.

In these current, extreme and unique times of excessive operator fatigue, it is paramount for mining, oil & gas, transportation companies, contractors and fleet owners to be forward looking and deploy an operator fatigue monitoring and management system to assist in both being proactive by continuously monitoring while mitigating in Real-Time an operator actually falling asleep or potentially getting into a dangerous accident situation while at the same time, potentially preventing a major accident or unrepairable damage to corporate assets.

Merdeka Copper Gold and its mining subsidiaries Tujuh Bukit, BSI and Wetar are ensuring they are installing the latest most advanced technologies helping to both maintain, monitor, manage and protect both their human and fixed assets across their mining operations.

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