MineSysGrade – Detecting And Monitoring Grader Activity



Graders are one of the most important supporting devices in daily production activity, especially in the mining industry. Good road quality depends on grader performance and sometimes it’s difficult to know the real activity and position of this unit.

Graders move around the mining area but we can’t always be sure if that is really grading activity or idle activity. With this system we can do real time monitoring (position and activity).

Another advantage is to increase effectiveness of grader work based on area segmentation.


MineSysGrade is a solution to improve and monitor daily grader performance activity.
Some of the advantages as below :

  1. Optimizing grader work based on area segmentation.
  2. Tracking position.
  3. Tracking activity (idle, grading or ripping).
  4. Tracking Status (ready, down, idle, standby).
  5. Tracking HM and effectiveness of grader activity.


  1. Each grader will be equipped with sensor and controller.
  2. The sensor will capture the blade and ripper position.
  3. The sensor data is then processed and logged by Controller
  4. The information from controller can also be sent to server through onboard Fleet Management System device.
  5. The Real time monitoring can be viewed from Fleet Management System Map
  6. The detailed activity report can be use for further analysis.


Pressure Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Tilt Sensor
Tilt Sensor

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